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Steel Pole Tower

Steel Pole Tower
Steel Pole Tower
  • Steel Pole Tower
  • Tubular Steel Poles Tower
  • Electrical Pole


Tubular Steel Poles Tower (Electrical Poles)

Tubular Steel Poles Tower generally made of tubular steel, and install on the side of the road. Because of its save more space in the city also the durability and ease of installation. In the recent years, it usually uses to replace wooden or concrete towers in new power lines in the city.

As professional and outstanding transmission pole manufacturers, Disheng usually supply the superb quality pole towers and monopole tower products with various types, widely used in steel pole tower installation for transmission line projects. Durability and easy installation! If you are interested in our steel poles products, welcome to contact us. We will offer you a most competitive price and best service! Customized service is available!

Quotation Requirement
* Name of Customer:
* Project Name:
* Contact method: Tel, Email,
* Manufacturing Standard: GB/ASTM/EN/DIN/JIS/BS/other
* Does the project need Design?
* Voltage:
* Ordering amount: 26ton at minimum
* Material Standard:GB/ASTM/EN/DIN/JIS/BS/other
* Material and Proportion: Q235B/Q345B/Q420B/A36/Gr50/Gr60/Gr65/OTHER...%
* Antirust: Galvanize and standards
* Plates: Warning sign Plate; Tower number plate; Phase Plate
* Payment: T/T 30% in advance, 70%before shipment; L/C 100%
* Terms of Quotation: EXW/FOB/CIF
* Drawings if you have.
* Other

Products name: Steel Pole Tower
Brand: DS
Model types: Straight-line pole, Strain pole, Corner pole, Terminal pole

Weight: According to theoretical weight
Voltage Classes: 10kV~220 kV
Winds: Max 35m / S
Seismic Fortification Intensity: Level 5~7
Corrosion prevention: Galvanizing and/ or Coating
Product Materials: According to customers’ requirements to purchase materials.(e.g.Q235, Q345, Q420)
Manufacturing Standard: According to customers’ requirements |(e.g. DL/T646-2012 DL/T646-2012: The Manufacturing Technical Conditions of Transmission line Steel Tube Structure)
Product Certification: ISO 9001: 2000;
Transmission line tower production license certification

Production licence No.:

The product is mainly use in small power transmission line, which suitable for Small whole, ceiling-mounted steel pole tower installation transmission line project; Generally it only applies to erect on the flat terrain such as plain and side of the road, and much rely on heavy lifting machines for installation.

* Straight Pole is mainly use to the “straight” part of the power line, it usually only bear with the weight of the wire, the endured wire icing and wind pressure.

* Tension pole is mainly use in Load-bearing towers; it would be set between few Straight towers. Since the power line discounted and tower collapsed, it would limit the fault segment between the two Tension towers in the case of tension imbalance on both sides, which ease of construction, maintenance.

* Angle Pole is mainly installed in the around corner of the power line, so the structure of it has to consider the requirement of undertake imbalance tension; According to the angle degree and strength of tower design, straight line angle tower is mainly use in the small degree corner of the power line, and Tension Angle Tower is mainly used for larger degree corner of the power line.

* Terminal Pole is mainly use in the beginning or end of the power transmission line, it usually set as the first tower of extension line of substation; because it could undertake great imbalance tension, so sometime it also use in the large degree of power line corner.


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