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Step one: Using a smart phone to install scanning code software, such as "wochacha", "Win on Quick Code” etc.
Step two: Open the scanning code software against the QR code, then you can get an interlinkage.
Step three: open the link, and then enter Disheng Mobile Phone Official Website.

Scanning the QR code, you can land the mobile phone website

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View of Factory

Following are some views of Disheng's factory, including office building, laboratory, special workshop and production site for angle steel lattice tower, electrical towers, steel poles, tower accessories, substation structure, tube combination tower,etc. Disheng has make a great investment for the building of our factory to raise the staff woking effectiveness and good space for production.

Welcome to visit our factory sincerely and know more about Disheng and Steel transmission tower products. We do look forward to establishing a long-term business relationship with you!

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