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Step one: Using a smart phone to install scanning code software, such as "wochacha", "Win on Quick Code” etc.
Step two: Open the scanning code software against the QR code, then you can get an interlinkage.
Step three: open the link, and then enter Disheng Mobile Phone Official Website.

Scanning the QR code, you can land the mobile phone website

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R & D Team

Disheng as a professional and outstanding steel transmission tower manufacturer in China, has gained rich experience and highi-tech R&D team, with leading innovation in transmission tower industry and strong product design, high developement capacity, all Disheng's team staff have done our best to make great contribution to steel tower projects with best effect!

With an aim to meet all customers demand, Disheng will improve our working team and our steel tower products in the global market! Here we can offer you various steel transmission towers including lattice structure of steel, electrical poles, tower accessories like tower bolts, substation structures, ang high voltage transmission line tower,etc. If you are in demand for our steel transmission tower, do not hesitate to contact us! High qualiy service from Disheng will satidfy you a lot!