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With rich experience in steel transmission tower production, Disheng with our high technology capacity and strong work team, has taken part in a number of huge tower projects, including
800kV test group from Helo to the west of Zhejiang
"800kv test group from Helo to the west of Zhejiang", "750kv main network projecto of two channel engineering assembling site in northwest", "750kv main network project of two channel in northwest", "Sichuan 500kv project","800kv line project in west Zhejiang" and so on. All these projects are well designed by Disheng, high quality and precision, being a good freestanding framework tower for transmission line.

Disheng is keeping moving and does our best to support more steel transmission tower projects to prove ourself. As a professional steel transmission tower manufacturer in China, Disheng is commited to offer you high quality steel tower in wide range, including lattice tower, steel pole tower, tower accessories, transformer substation structure, tube combination tower and so on. If you are looking for steel tower project products, welcome to contact us freely!