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Company Profile

Guangdong Disheng Power Steel Structure Co., Ltd (subsidiary of Guangdong Zisheng Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd) which is founded in March 2008, it located in NO. 8-1, C Area, Lubao Park, Sanshui Central Technology Industrial Zone, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, P. R. China, about 45 km to Foshan airport, 60km to Guangzhou Baiyun international airport, and 80 km from Guangzhou Huangpu Port.

Our Factory covers an area of 153400m2, has standard workshops of 65,000m2, invested total fixed capital of RMB 300 million. We are mainly involved in manufacturing and supply galvanized steel towers and relative steel-structure for ultra-high voltage power and blow transmission line, such as angle steel lattice tower, steel tube combination power line tower, tubular steel electrical poles, transformer substation structures, etc. also we are first class qualified supplier of China State Grid Company and China Southern Power Grid Company.

Disheng Tower owns 22 advanced CNC production lines, two large-scale galvanized production lines and abundant of advanced CNC inspection equipment, etc. We has total 760 employees approximately, 140 technology professionals, 50 quality inspection technicians, to achieve the annual production capacity of steel towers about 150,000mt.

Innovation of New type Manufacture Mode
In the management of the company, we use ‘Integrity and specification, Realistic and Effective, Continuous improvement and satisfaction of all parties’ as our management philosophy to establish the enterprise executive ability culture.

As We firstly introduced the “Single Tower Production-Flow” this production mode to the domestic steel tower industry, we broke the traditional batch production methods and met the requirements of timely delivery, no missing parts, without errors when drilling holes, quick response and also customers’ emergency demands; meanwhile, created new highlights regarding safety production and industrial upgrading for the power tower industry.

Worldwide Market
We have received many good evaluations on quality, delivery, installation convenient in many key projects and domestic numerous engineering, such as 800kV UHV State Grid XiZhe line Project; 750kV UHV for two channels project of Northwest main network; 750kV UHV Shahu project, etc. At the same time as we complete the domestic project, we also constantly develop the international market, our products were export to Guinea, Africa; Paraguay, America, etc.

Culture and Core Values
The core value of our company is measured by three points for our clients, the starting point to explore customer’s demands, the process to satisfied clients’ requirements, we are focused on assuring entirely understand our clients and their objectives as sustaining relationship not only raises the services and products we provide but also forces new ideas and innovation that can then be leveraged across and beyond the business. Finally the terminal point to achieve sustained customer satisfaction and to deliver clients which exceed our clients’ expectations. The company’s mission is defined to link the power, pass the light, committed to more convenient tower installation and higher safety grid operation.

We efforts to build up Lean management team, which service and provide power grid construction with products of convenient and fast, safety, environmental protection and energy saving.